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Hi! I’m Broes (pronounced as ‘Bruce’ basically – it is a very uncommon Dutch name). I grew up in The Netherlands and have been living in Antwerp, Belgium for most of my adult life. Apart from this northern part of Europe, I have also lived in the US, Australia and spent quite a bit of time in the UK too. Now that I’m married to a Frenchie, love takes me to France as well.

I have a background in design and I’ve always had a keen interest in healthy living. While there is a lot of advice out there, I like to look at the source too. Reliable information is important to me, with new studies and data being released all the time, rapidly changing the views on a healthy lifestyle. This is something which I like to share with all of you. Apart from taking a health coaching course, I have also completed courses in life and transformation coaching, and nutrition coaching. I absolutely love coaching, since everybody is different, and every approach to optimize health is different, monotony doesn’t exist and it is so rewarding to see people grow and shine from session to session!

Within the holistic lifestyle range I should say that I’m very drawn to food, not only because of the nutritional side, but also for its incredible variety in flavour and texture (and the colours, shapes and even sound!). I like to look at it from a practical perspective, I’ve picked up a few recipes around the globe and love to cook and experiment to improve their nutritional value.

Vegetables are my thing, a bit to the discontent of our teenagers, I have to admit. Luckily there are dishes that they enjoy and that are nutritious too. It is also one of my reasons for starting up as a health coach, to help teens and young adults have a strong start in their increasingly independent life (which lately has been really tough on them).

And really, let’s think of the parents too! Improving wellbeing and preventing disease is important for the whole family. For me as a parent, a few lifestyle tweaks have done so much for my body shape, while my lifestyle continues to fight the decay ;-), and improves my overall feeling of wellbeing. As you see, I’m a big believer in walking my talk. I eat a mainly whole food plant based diet, I make sure I get my necessary 8 hours of sleep, do yoga and strength training and go for runs (with the dog) a couple of times a week. All based on practicality of course, realism of what is within reach is so important. Besides, I’m not a fan of (time-consuming) extremes, since I love spending time with my family and catching up with my friends. And also doing some cooking for and with them. And oh yes, saunas! They’re so relaxing… These beautiful lifestyle choices bring me joy! Let me know, would you like to feel the joy too?

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