Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Quote by Katie Reed

Did you know that engaging in self-care will help you lead a healthier life? Putting the metaphorical oxygen mask on yourself first will boost your confidence, get rid of lingering stress and benefit your overall feeling of happiness. At Sunday Life health coaching we strongly believe in practicing self-care by doing small things to meet your basic human needs. What could that look like?

Meeting your need for certainty: create a daily routine that includes mood boosting self-care such as moving your body while listening to your favorite music, plan to nourish your body with healthy food, reflecting on and showing your gratitude, remembering your kindness and building in necessary breaks to relax.

Meeting your need for variety: mix things up! Connect with people that you don’t know, eat new-to you-veggies, vary on your routine and work with what you’ve got in your environment: go for a nature walk on a sunny day, dance around the living room when it rains. Or why not try something you have never done before?

Meeting your need for significance: set goals to use your talent or skills and commit to things that you love doing. Recreate and draw, paint, play an instrument or even cook and share that delicious meal. Go all out and volunteer, help others with your mastered competence.

Meeting your need for growth: step sideways and look for new skills to learn, keep it simple and sustainable by reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching an instructional video. Go deep by picking up something hard to master like truly listening, positive self-talk, mindfulness and spirituality. Self-care through growth can also include others who coach you and raise awareness.

Meeting your need for contribution: be proud of those mastered skills and share your passion or practice your kindness. You don’t need a whole lot of resources, small steps to contribute can be as easy as speaking encouraging words, smiling and even saying thank you! When a cause is meaningful to you, get out there and spread your magic.

Meeting your need for love and connection: remember the good times you spent with your loved-ones and smile! Get in touch and let them know how you feel so they will smile too. Improve your relationships and connect by listening with interest to what others have to say and share your needs. Get physical and hug it out. 

These are just some examples, there are lots of small self-care steps you can take to live a happy healthier life. Let’s talk of what would work for you. Why? Because each small step will eventually lead to a giant leap. And that giant leap of self-care can become self-actualisation*, meaning that you will truly shine☀️. How? We’ll develop your personalised plan, individually created for your optimal wellbeing. Contact Broes via whatsapp.

*Self-actualization can be described as the complete realization of one’s potential as manifest in peak experiences which involve the full development of one’s abilities and appreciation for life (Maslow, 1962).

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