Don’t you love Sundays for being the day in the week to do what you want? The extra day relax and recharge, see your friends and family, spend time on your hobbies and goals, as well as taking care of yourself?

A happy healthy lifestyle calls for a balance of all elements in your life. At Sunday life health coaching we’ll look at what you want, to get measurable results, focusing on nutrition, recreation, relaxation and sleep, as well as environment, relationships, and resources in the broadest sense. This approach enables you to evolve in an evidence based and collaborative manner.

Don’t you get excited when Sunday evening comes along, it’s time to plan the week ahead? With a strong plan, you’ve got the opportunity to live your full potential. During your coaching sessions, we’ll start from your perspective, creating your goals, within your timeframe to follow through and celebrate the impact you make!

Don’t you love Sundays because it begins with SUN, radiating warmth, and giving life the energy to grow? And the best thing, the sun will rise every day, with new chances for you to shine.

Imagine how wonderful would it be to become empowered to really take care of your own health. How good would you feel? A coaching session in the Evian area (France), the Antwerp area (Belgium) or an online video coaching session can help you get you on your way. Whether you are in your 40s or 50s and would like to lose some weight and get fitter, or whether you are a student and you just don’t know where to start to live healthily. We can look at solutions for when you and your family members have different dietary needs, such as vegans- vegetarians- flexitarians- omnivores / sportsnutrition / food allergy … Or if you don’t what to choose as the healthiest option in the supermarket, we can even shop virtually! In your favourite restaurants, we can find the healthiest menu options. As you can see, we will discuss real life situations, taking all life’s aspects into account. Contact me for your appointment for a 1 hour session, in Evian, Antwerp or online, and get the information applicable to you.

If you are looking at powerful lifestyle objectives, such as losing some weight sustainably and feeling confident about your shape, manage stress, boost your immunity or improve your (gut) health all by making gradual changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle, through personalised coaching to support your body and nourish your mind. So you can fight the onset of disease and inflammation, and improve hormonal imbalance for example. We will work out a personal plan on how to accomplish those goals and stick to them long term as well.

This plan starts with a free 1 hour online intake session, followed the amount of coaching time we agree upon for you, depending on your coaching needs. It’s all about you and your life! Contact me for an appointment for your free intake session and let’s talk all about you.

So what you can expect to be asked during the intake to create a good baseline to start from? 

  • How do you feel?
  • How is your sleep?
  • What does your typical day look like?
  • What does your diet look like?
  • When is your energy high, or low?
  • What are your expectations or goals?
  • What is most important to you?

Apart from some feedback in the form of simple ideas, a science-based coaching path can then unfold to allow you to reach your desired outcome. It’s about you and your life, and it will stay all about you and your lifestyle from a feasible and holistic viewpoint. It’s your time to shine so let’s get to know… YOU☀️

Why choose Sunday Life? Sunday is the day to take care of yourself, recharge your batteries, plan the week ahead and spend time with your family and friends. With Sunday Life health coaching we will continue that Sunday feeling throughout the week, by enabling you to take care of your physical health and mental health, so you can truly shine.

Contact me to book your 1-hour session or your intake session.

Looking forward to talk to you soon



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