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Enjoy this silken soup and the benefits of cauliflower, a cruciferous vegetable, packed with vitamins, fiber and low in carbohydrates, together with the gut-healthy leek, garlic and onion. The freshness of the salsa verde really picks up the taste, while adding more anti-oxidant power. Great to have for lunch or as a starter before dinner.

Comforting curry

This version of a curry holds all the typical curry flavours, garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, curry, cumin, and chilli complemented by coconut milk. The sweet potato and chick peas give it a bit of bite while filling you up for that comforting feeling. Swap the chickpeas for a diced chicken breast or tofu for a different protein source. For more structure, switch the spinach with another green leafy vegetable such as kale. This easy one-pot …

Cauliflower steak with warm green lentil salsa

Try this recipe for an easy to cook, delicious nutritious dinner. It’s made with easy to find fresh and stock items, perfect for weekdays. Why not make more and have the left-overs for lunch, it tastes good when cold too, yum yum.

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Quote by Katie Reed Did you know that engaging in self-care will help you lead a healthier life? Putting the metaphorical oxygen mask on yourself first will boost your confidence, get rid of lingering stress and benefit your overall feeling of happiness. At Sunday Life health coaching we strongly believe in practicing self-care by doing small things to meet your basic human needs. What could that look like? Meeting your need for certainty: create a daily …

Stabilize a healthy weight

What does weight mean to you? How do you measure yourself? Yes, there is that number on the scale, but what does it reflect? When it goes up it might be a source of joy, when you’re working on gaining muscle mass. Or maybe it stays the same but your body shape has changed nonetheless. So instead of focussing on weight, why not focus on being healthy? When living healthily and feeling healthy, (measured by …

About Sunday Life

Don’t you love Sundays for being the day in the week to do what you want? The extra day relax and recharge, see your friends and family, spend time on your hobbies and goals, as well as taking care of yourself? A happy healthy lifestyle calls for a balance of all elements in your life. At Sunday life health coaching we’ll look at what you want, to get measurable results, focusing on nutrition, recreation, relaxation …

Your time to shine

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. When you’re healthier, you’ll feel confident about your shape, and great about yourself. So you can reach your goals and love your life. Together we will work out your personalised plan, individually created for your optimal health. Get in touch with me directly or browse for more information, now is your time to shine 😊 Book your free intake session

Achieve long term health

Healthspan is the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging. What this means is different for everybody, since everybody is different! What feels good to one person may feel only average to another. What is confirmed is that with small lifestyle changes and mental adaptation, your time spent in good health can be increased effectively. Which leaves it up to you to enjoy this healthy life. …

Design a healthy lifestyle

One that works for you.A balanced lifestyle which includes all elements of your life.At Sunday life health coaching we’ll look at what you want, to get measurable results, focusing on nutrition, recreation, relaxation and sleep, as well as environment, relationships, and resources in the broadest sense.This approach empowers you to progress in an evidence based and collaborative manner. Because when you’re healthier, you’re happier because you will feel good on a deeper level and you’ll …

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