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Intake: Let’s meet and goal setting

  1. What’s your perspective?
  2. How will you go about
  3. Create awareness
  4. Dealing with roadblocks
  5. First evaluation and results
  6. Let’s do dome trouble shooting
  7. How is your structure?
  8. Feeling the self-care
  9. Strengthen your progress
  10. Evaluation, celebrate your shine!                                                                                    



26/05/2021 Lets do some troubleshooting

The inside information

I totally understand how you feel. You know where to find me when needed ( or not as well..)

When you feel up to it, have a look at the last bit of information for now. I totally agree with you that all your dietary needs should come from food. So let’s make it quality food, real food, whole food. You know, if you don’t know what the ingredients are of the food you buy you probably shouldn’t eat it. So it is worth reading the ingredient list. You know how many different names for sugar there are, see below. Even natural sounding ingredients can be causing some trouble. (source) If you prepare it yourself, you know what’s in it.
Within this range of whole foods, variety in plants will improve your gut-health, needed for good digestion, bioavailability of nutrients, vitamin production and immune function. Gut support can even help prevent obesity!(source) Although they are microscopical, the bacteria and fungi in your gut weigh about 2-3 kilos, imagine that! They just love plant based foods, especially the ones high in polyphenols (strong coloured plants) and fermented ones. To know more, just take a look at the infographic ‘good food for a good gut’ again. 
And they don’t like antibiotics. (source) Not even when not directly consumed by you but by the animals you eat, luckily Marie-Jo takes care of that 😉. Maybe it is a good idea to buy bio / organic milk products too? (source) Also, check food labels for chemicals like nitrites and nitrates, MSG, tartrazine, benzoates and citric or phosphorus acid. Along with other additives like colorants, they’re likely to reduce our microbes, in number and diversity.
Finally, everybody and everybody’s microbiome is different. To put it really simple, I mean really simple, it is like everybody has feet, but we all have a different shoe size and a different level of smelliness -also due to bacteria. What it comes down to, a food (no matter its’ calories or nutrients) eaten by someone has a different effect on their metabolism than when eaten by someone else. This is partially due to the difference in our microbiome. Soon we will be able to test what works for you personally, which is exciting!
So for now, there is one way to find what works for you and that’s by trying. There are companies out there already testing poop I have to say, but with blood work it is even more accurate surprisingly. Going by what is known about beneficial gut bacteria is a good way to start, diverse high bright coloured plant intake and the occasional fast (source). Let’s focus on being strong and healthy! (source)
Thank you for supporting me all this time, hope things will go smoothly in Italy, enjoy the sea and sun, the people you love and the freshest food you can find. 😘❤️

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