Juglans, Mind Body coaching for internationals.


Juglans is the result of the collaboration between Veronica Sartori Coach and Sunday Life Coaching.

I met Veronica while doing an online training and we immediately started to talk about our passion: coaching.

Having 20+ years of experience as expats ourselves, we understand the needs of internationals and their families more than anyone. Our coaching is complementary, Veronica focuses on the mental wellbeing which is inherently connected to the body and I focus on the physical wellbeing which has a big impact on the mind as well. In return, both lead to better performance and enjoyment of life.

We would like to support the parents and  children, guiding expats and internationals on how to better adapt themselves to all the related challenges of expatriation, on both a mental and physical level. 

Juglans organises webinars and workshops regularly, so feel free to contact me if you, or your company, are looking for that.

Get in touch with Juglans: 

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