Nourish yourself and nourish your family

Because there’s a big difference between being well-fed and being well-nourished. Eating tasty and nutrient dense food will make you radiate from the inside out. So focus on nutrients, up your fiber intake and keep away from highly processed food. Small actions will lead to big results when you serve fruit and veggies as the bulk of your family meals, improving your gut health and supporting your immune system to stay healthy and thrive. How …

Unlock your energy

Learn to gain the energy to be the best parent, friend and finest version of you to help accomplish your life’s goals.


A well-spent day brings happy sleep.

“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”  – Leonardo da Vinci We spend about ⅓ of our lives asleep , so basically 7-9 hours per night, which seems like a lot! Although there is no consensus on why we sleep, it is this amount of time that our body needs to go through all 4 sleep cycles so we can wake up refreshed and energetic. Ready to have another well-spent day. Is that why we should prioritize …

About Broes

Hi! I’m Broes (pronounced as ‘Bruce’ basically – it is a very uncommon Dutch name). I grew up in The Netherlands and have been living in Antwerp, Belgium for most of my adult life. Apart from this northern part of Europe, I have also lived in the US, Australia and spent quite a bit of time in the UK too. Now that I’m married to a Frenchie, love takes me to France as well. I …

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