At Home Guided MindBody 5 Day Winter Detox Reset

Take part in the Winter SHINE detox fast in the week of your choice:

22/01 until 26/01 2024


29/01 until 02/02 2024

To clear brain fog, initiate weight loss naturally and reset yourself from stress, leaving you feeling and looking radiant from the inside out.

You’ll be supported to complete 5 days of fasting from the comfort of your own home with:

– personal online coaching,

– nourished fasting recipes

– MindBody conscious activities

Get your free 30 minute consultation if you would like to know more about this 5 – day reset and the pricing options.

What are signs you could benefit from the SHINE fast?

If you have one or more of the following issues:

  • Skin problems: rashes, itchiness, acne, poor complexion, premature ageing, etc.
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Brain fog 
  • Stress
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Constipation, Bloating or Feeling full
  • Swollen lymph nodes,  inability to sweat
  • Anxiety, mood swings or depressive feelings 
  • Night time waking

then those could be signs your body is trying to tell you that your detoxification processes are not going as smoothly as they should.

By taking part in the SHINE detox fast, you can offer yourself a reset through the consumption of nutrient-dense foods, MindBody activities and personal coaching. This combination provides your body and detox organs the compounds necessary to function optimally with the mindset to go with it.

You’re going to feel so much better!

After our 30 minute free consultation, you’ll receive:
 -Guidebook with information and tips
-Straightforward MindBody practices
-Easy to follow recipes
-Personal online coaching 
And you’re set to hold a retreat from your own home.

Your Long Term Benefits:

The advantages stretch further than just these 5 days, you will have the knowledge and means to continue supporting your body and mind, this is just the kick-start to longevity.

Something I always say, which really applies to the SHINE detox fast: Your body and mind are a combined system, so one beneficial thing you do to take care of yourself can cascade into a whole array of advantages.

It’s your time to shine ☀️ 


First of all, after signing up, you’ll receive a proposition for a free consultation call with me, no strings attached. Then we’ll schedule the week in which you would like to take part, and your 3 coaching calls. You’ll be sent a payment link and the guidebook and timetables so you can get started straightaway.


Your guidebook holds all the information and tips on how to prepare, what to expect and what’s next. You will get a basic understanding of your body’s detoxification processes and how to support yourself during this 5 day at home retreat. It also includes your Nutrition and MindBody timetables to follow during the detox fast.

The nutrition timetable offers the timing of your meals and easy to prepare recipes for the smoothies, soups and vegetables. They are the nourished detox fast itself, which triggers your innate cell clean up and rejuvenation processes. All you need is a blender!

The MindBody timetable offers a large variety of MindBody practices simultaneously to the nutrition timetable, which will encourage relaxation, improve coping skills, reduce tension, help you shift limitations and even boost immune function.

That is not all, you will be guided before you start when you have your intake call, through a personal coaching call at the beginning and towards the end of your SHINE detox, and by a follow-up coaching call afterwards to guarantee you’ll have the best possible outcome.


The sooner you have your free consultation, the sooner you can start!

Take part in the Winter SHINE detox fast in the week of your choice:

22/01 until 26/01 2024

29/01 until 02/02 2024

What you get:

Delicious and healthy recipes to prepare in advance and during the detox fast

A Vast variety of MindBody activities

A Comprehensive guidebook to inform and support you

3 coaching calls to support and align your actions with your intentions

"I've done the 5-day detox programme and I'm satisfied with the experience and the results. Broes provides coaching that makes you feel really well looked after and allows you to tailor the menus and the various activities and exercises that are part of the programme. In the end, I feel really energetic up after 5 days, more efficient in my sporting activity (trail running in my case) and I've even lost some weight (which wasn't really my main objective, but I'm very happy!)."

Through fasting – supported by mental and physical nourishment – your body will get rid of the cells that are damaged and recycle them to create new functioning ones.

This self-healing process is called autophagy and helps remove toxins and waste products from cells, promoting overall detoxification.

It is one of the hallmarks of ageing and key to longevity.

SHINE detox fast benefits

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