Workshops - Webinars

For companies, organisations and private groups, customised to your needs. Choose from topics in the nutrition and wellbeing field, for an interactive workshop or cooking class filled with actionable tips to implement in your own life right-away.

According to your needs, I can host workshops covering a wide range of key health and wellbeing topics, for companies, organisations and private groups.


We can discuss a workshop topic in the nutrition and wellbeing field, for an interactive workshop filled with actionable tips enabling the participants to develop their wellbeing potential. Improved wellbeing leads to better performance in the employment sphere collectively, and ones’ private life individually.


To give you an idea, you may choose to include the following topics in your tailor made workshop so the participants can develop:


  • an understanding of balanced nutrition,
  • energy improvement through lifestyle choices, 
  • the benefits of a strong well-being policy,
  • the effects of movement throughout the day on physical and mental health,
  • stress management and regulation.
  • Or for a more practical workshop, we can cook together to create a delicious nutritious meal.


How many participants can take part in a workshop?

This depends fully on your needs and possibilities. A workshop can already be held with 2 people or more. It is also possible to request individual coaching sessions within your organisation or company.


How long does a workshop take?

You can book workshops from 1 hour onwards, as a lunch session for example, or book a half day or full day according to your requirements and topics.


Interested or curious? Feel free to get in touch for more information or a quote.